Boustead Plantations Berhad ("BPB") is one of the most experienced and established upstream oil palm plantation company in Malaysia and a subsidiary of Boustead Holdings Berhad ("BHB"), one of Malaysia's oldest and largest diversified conglomerates. Backed by BHB's presence in the plantations business, we have over 100 years of plantations industry experience and over 50 years of oil palm plantation estate management experience.

We are an investment holding company and are involved in the ownership of oil palm plantations. Through our subsidiaries, we are principally involved in the ownership and management of oil palm plantations, cultivation of oil palm and harvesting of its Fresh Fruit Bunches ("FFBs"), and the production and sale of Crude Palm Oil ("CPO") and Palm Kernel ("PK"). We also sell oil palm FFBs and provide mill design and consultancy services. We are also actively involved in oil palm agricultural and agronomic research through our associate company.

We own, co-own or lease a total of 45 oil palm plantation estates and 10 palm oil mills in Malaysia with 19 plantation estates in Peninsular Malaysia, 20 in Sabah and 6 in Sarawak. We own and operate 3 palm oil mills in Peninsular Malaysia, 5 in Sabah and 2 in Sarawak. Our total landbank stands approximately at 98,200 Ha. Out of this total, the area under oil palm cultivation is around 73,500 Ha comprising of 24,100 Ha in Peninsular Malaysia, 39,100 Ha in Sabah and 10,300 Ha in Sarawak.

Our involvement in the plantations business is carried out via our wholly-owned subsidiary, Boustead Estates Agency Sdn Bhd ("BEA"), a central agency which provides a range of services such as the management of all plantation activities within our Group, plantation advisory services for oil palm and rubber crops, plantation engineering services, marketing of plantation produce and agronomic research.

“Whereas our involvement in the oil palm agricultural and agronomic research is through our associate company, Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn Bhd ("AAR"). AAR provides agronomic advisory services and commercial production of oil palm planting materials namely AA Hybrida IS, oil palm hybrid semi-clonal seeds, is produced through a pedigree of selected elite clonal Deli Dura and the Dumpy Yangambi AVROS pisifera. This pisifera is the combination of the highly successful and renowned dumpy characteristic of AAR’s previous hybrid (the Dumpy AVROS) with the high bunch number characteristics of the Yangambi AVROS. The end result is an oil palm variety with 22% more oil yield compared to AAR’s previous AA DxP planting materials. For more information on AA Hybrida IS, please visit AAR website.

AAR-UNMC Biotechnology Research Centre, is a collaboration between AAR and the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. This has resulted in a new state-of-the-art biotechnology research centre which is primarily involved in the development of oil palm, with a focus in genetic improvement through modern bio molecular marker techniques. The research areas being explored include the application of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) finger printing and genetic improvement programmes.overview

The main goals of the research centre are to develop genetic engineering technology to overcome the barriers of introducing new traits into oil palm and speed up the production of new oil palm hybrid with desirable traits, such as high value oil, disease resistance and amenability to mechanise harvesting using marker assisted selection and tissue culture.

The Group's commitment in pursuing sustainable practices is on-going. As of to date the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification has been obtained for Sungai Jernih Business Unit,  Nak Business Unit, Trong Business Unit, Segaria Business Unit, Segamaha Business Unit and Teluk Sengat Business Unit.